Before You Begin

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Let's take a minute to review some information that will be especially beneficial to you and to the outcome of your first project with us.

Digital images usually require some special consideration in the world of print.  Below is a detailed chart that you may want to refer to as it shows what image resolution will print the best result; feel free to download it or print it out so that you can keep it handy.
First of all, understand what you see on your computer screen is not a good representation of what will be printed as the color settings vary from monitor to monitor.
We would suggest to print out the image if you have a printer, but unfortunately settings vary from printer to printer as well. 

Second, know that a higher resolution image will print a higher quality coaster.  To see the resolution of your image, right click on the image and click on “Properties”; the
resulting pop-up window will display the size of the file in kilobytes.  Anything 2 megapixels or 700 kilobytes will yield a good result (the higher the better). 

Note – try to avoid using images someone has emailed to you as many times the resolution of those files has been altered by the software used to send them. 

***SHIPPING TO PO BOXES - We, unfortunately, cannot ship to PO Boxes. Please note that if a PO Box address is received, there is a chance that your order will be delayed***

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